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UUA General Assembly

The Unitarian Universalist  General Assembly was last week.  As usual there was an active UU HUUmanist booth. I know the formation of new local Humanist groups is being encouraged by the UU HUUmanist leaders, as by the American Humanist Association leaders.  Read more about UUA General Assembly »

"Faitheist", by Chris Stedman -- Unitarian Universalism Is an Interfaith Case in Point

Chris Stedman's book "Faitheist" is subtitled "How an Atheist Found Common Ground with the Religious". For the purpose of this post, let's define religion as the belief in God or the supernatural; in other words, theism. (There is a lot of disagreement about defining religion in this way, particularly amongst "religious humanists", but since this is the way Stedman defines it in his book, let's stick with that.) The book is a personal narrative, a memoir by a twenty-something (strange as that may sound), about starting without religion, finding religion and then losing religion. Read more about "Faitheist", by Chris Stedman -- Unitarian Universalism Is an Interfaith Case in Point »

Is Evolution a Religion?

Picture credit Leo Reynolds on Flickr

IDists claim that there is an "intelligent design" view and that evolution is "an equal religion". They usually say "Darwinism". Of course, there is no such thing as "Darwinism", this is a word made up by IDists to label those who do not accept their views. Let's consider what characterizes traditional religions and whether evolution is a religion. Read more about Is Evolution a Religion? »