One Nation, Undivided: The Acton-Boxborough Pledge Case

There is a separation of church and state case right in our own back yard. In February, 2012, an Acton family sued the Acton-Boxborough school district because of the "under God" clause in the Pledge of Allegiance. The family, who are Humanists, wish the schools to return to the original, inclusive version which does not equate belief in God with patriotism. The family has chosen to remain anonymous, and given the abuse that has been heaped on the Cranston, RI student who objected to a prayer banner in her school, it would seem that anonymity translates to good parenting.

In June, 2012, the District Court Judge ruled in the school district's favor. The American Humanist Association, which filed the lawsuit with the family, has pledged to appeal.

Thanks to uhura1701 for the flag picture. The "Did you know?" graphic is uncredited. If anyone knows its source, please post in the comments.


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