An Easter Prayer from a Non-Christian Humanist

An Easter Prayer from a Non-Christian Humanist

Let us hope we can rise from a death

From the Powerful where Might makes Right

To a new life of the Spirit: The Spirit of Peace.

Let us be filled with this Spirit of Peace.

And let us talk in tongues

So that people can understand us.

Let us lift up the downtrodden and fearful,

Heal those whose souls and bodies are afflicted,

And blind the oppressors with our light

Like Saul with his conversion to Paul

On his way from Tarsus to Damascus.

Let us form a community of believers

That will not be moved in our commitment to ethics and justice.

Let us, like the early Christian believers,

Support each other with our epistles, letters and e-mails,

And endeavor to lay down our swords and bombs

By the river of renewal of conflict resolution

In exchange for ploughshares of empathy

To fertilize the potential of people everywhere.

Let us look forward to that Peaceable Kingdom

Where the lion of Judah shall lie down

With the lambs and doves in a Culture of Peace.

And war, and the plans of war, shall be no more.


David Kimball



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Having been raised as a Fundamentalist Evangelical, I was driven rather than attracted to Humanism. Having been retired (unceremoniously by Raytheon) I am now finding time to be more active in my beliefs as well as my passions.

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